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Waterproof Knitwear! All the protection of a hand-knitted garment, none of the mess! The best outfit when it's S'Wetter outside.

Get a sneak peek at the new LKL collection with the Splash Bandana! Orders placed for this item prior to the release of the S'Wetter collection receive an EXCLUSIVE discount, as well as access to the collection 48 hours before it launches. 

S'Wetter by LKL is a line of revolutionary waterproof knitwear. It brings all of the functionality, style and comfort of a hand knitted LKL Sweater, while keeping your pet dry. S'Wetter outperforms those flimsy rain ponchos when it comes to coverage and protection -- no more wet chests and bellies. With options ranging from lightweight to warm, there is a S'Wetter for every type of Wetter.

The items in this collection have been waterproofed using LKL S'Wetter technology, a non-toxic and eco-friendly post-construction treatment that protects each garment from water, snow, dirt, stains, odours, and mildew. This does require repeat treatments every 4-6 months in most cases, but more frequently with heavy use/frequent laundering. Detergents or high heat drying may diminish performance. 

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