Choosing the right type of yarn/fibre for a pet sweater affects how it wears, how warm it is and how you can wash it! Here are some basic facts to help you decide!
  • Acrylic: This is the most common type of fibre used for knitwear for humans and dogs as it is cost effective, easy care, durable and warm. It's not as warm as wool, that is, but it does the job and is well suited to temperate climates like Vancouver and Northern California or warmer areas. 
  • Washable Wool Blend: This is a great choice for those who want a touch of wool to add that extra warmth and weight, but the easy care, durability and cost savings of a blend. Perfect in both Temperate and Colder climates. Slightly more expensive than pure Acrylic Fibre.  Machine Wash/Dry
  • Pure Wool Superwash This is my favorite! A top quality 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, it is treated so is OK to toss in the Laundry, it has all the toughness and springy squishiness of Pure Wool, and none of the itchy factor. It can make any weight of sweater from light and stretchy to thick and cushy. This wool is warm and breathable, and commissioned by a Canadian Company who support small farmers! You simply can't go wrong.
  • Mega Merino 100% Wool: This Luxury fibre is lovely, ultra soft and extra warm. It is less durable, but more skin friendly than highland wool so is a great option for  Naked Dogs and Cats, pets with sensitive skin (think under the armpits/under the chin/neck), or for owners with sensitive skin who hold or handle their pets often. It also comes with more gentle care needs--it can be machine washed but must be dried flat to avoid damage.
  • Recycled/Upcycled Fibers: This category includes natural and synthetic fibers that are created from post-consumer waste and other by-products and production waste from mills and factories. These are the kindest yarns to the planet, and can range from very durable and practical fibres to soft and luxurious. 
  1.  Ekos Recycled Cotton and Polyester Blend:  The most sustainable yarn in the world, created to reduce our global footprint on the planet. Colours are not dyed, and therefore made without water consumption or chemical products. 50% of the energy used to recycle and spin each ball of yarn is solar, hence reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Katia EKOS exists thanks to the Textile Recycling System by Recover, pioneer in the development of low impact recycled yarns. 
  2. Sugar: This lush silky fibre is produced from Baggasse--The fibrous remnants of sugar cane left after processing. This is a versatile, luxurious fibre that has low thermal value and is quite absorbent--making it ideal for warm weather and waterproof garments. It's ultra-soft feel and unrestrictive drape makes it ideal for naked pets that often require clothes during all seasons.
  3. Love Denim:  This super cool fibre is sourced from up-cycled denim and textile mill remnants. Retaining the durability, common colourways and feel of worn jeans, this fibre works up into super cute, jackets that respond well to waterproofing and are made to last.  This product is also produced in an eco-conscious facility. 
  • 100% Washable Merino Wool Twill: This is a luxurious high quality wool that is exquisite for cable sweaters as it beautifully highlights stitch work. A very warm choice, although not bulky, and holds its integrity well over time. It is washable and lovely on the skin, but it is more costly than other fibres offered. This yarn is great for small/medium dogs or sphynx cats that get cold easily. Perfect for the stylish little ones who want to show off quality and stay toasty. Easy Care Machine wash/dry.
  • Luxury Wool Fibres: Some colorways and finer wool yarns are very lovely, but do require gentler care. These are recommended for small/medium dogs who are easy on their clothes and while they are nice and warm, tend not to withstand lots of rough play and harsh elements as well over time. These are more costly choices. Most that we use are Machine Wash/Lay Flat Dry.
  • Other Luxury/Specialty Fibres: Yarns made of Bamboo, Silk, Linen, etc. are available and most often requested by those preferring Natural Vegan options or those more interested in form than function. These are the most costly options and are available by special order. They are the least warming fibres. Good options for warmer climates or sun protection (think Sphynx/Chinese Crested). 
Please contact me if you are unsure which fibre choice is the best for your needs!