Sizes are primarily based on two measurements: length, measured from collar to base of tail, and girth, measured at the widest part of the chest. 

Some sweaters, such as those featuring Breed-Specific, Narrow, or Wide sizing, will vary from the Standard Sizes listed. 

Custom and Made-to-Order Sweaters can differ from Standards in many ways. Please see below for Custom Measurement recommendations. Contact us for details and ordering information. 

Size Length Girth Weight Breeds
XXS 10.5" 13" <3.5 kg/7 lbs Teacup chihuahua; Yorkie; Maltese; small cats
XS 12" 15.5" <7 kg/14 lbs Terrier; toy poodle; Havanese; Standard Yorkie; large cats
S 15" 18" <11 kg/23 lbs Mini doodle; mini Aussie; Beagle; Highland Terrier; Cavalier
M 18" 21" <15 kg/30 lbs Irish Terrier; Springer Spaniel; Medium Doodle
L 21" 24" <25 kg/50 lbs Border Collie; Australian Cattle Dog; Standard Doodle
XL 23" 28" <35 kg/70 lbs

Retriever; Pit Bull Terrier; German Shepherd

XXL 25" 31" >35 kg/70 lbs

 Large Doodle; Large Golden Retriever; Mastiff; German Shorthaired Pointer

Standard Size Changes

Long: adds 2" on the length. Ideal for long-backed breeds or mixes such as Dachschunds or Corgis. 

Wide: adds up to 1.5" to the width (Chest/Shoulder). Ideal for broad dogs such as French/English Bulldogs and Bull Terriers, or well-muscled Pitt Bull Terriers/Mastiffs. 

Narrow: reduces chest width by 1", ideal for lanky dogs with narrow/deep chests that have less distance between front legs but still have length in the shoulder . 


For standard sizing, only Length and Girth measurements are recommended if you want to be certain of your choice.

For Custom orders, please send as many of the recommended measurements as possible. Accuracy of measurements will affect the final fit of your pet's garment. 

If you live in Vancouver, CA and have difficulty or cannot measure your pet at home, we are happy to do it for you at no charge. Please contact us for information or stop in anytime to The West End Veterinary Clinic.

Custom Measurement Instructions

Measure your pet in either inches or centimeters according to the color coded areas detailed below:


The chest/girth measurement should be all the way around the chest at the widest point. 

The measurement for the front of chest should be straight across the bottom of the chest between the front legs. This will ensure the belly flap and front of chest fit comfortably without bunching or pulling.